How to hit perfect free kicks in FIFA 17?


Each year, the new FIFA poses some problems to its players. For if the game is often in the continuity of its predecessor, some points are reworked, and the task is sometimes arduous to get back to level. This has been the case in recent years with the defense system, but for FIFA 17, it is the stopped kicks that have been totally rethought.

Thus, corners, indirect free kicks and penalties have been reinvented to provide a new experience to players, which everyone will bother to judge based on their personal experience. And the direct blows in all this? At first sight, nothing new. And that is where the rub is hurting, because precisely, the system has also been revised, without being revolutionized. More than ever, you will need discipline specialists to achieve your goals, with high scores in “precision free kick” and “effects”.

For Foot Mercato, Youtuber Psyko 17 has studied the issue and teaches you FIFA 17 ultimate team hack how to recover the killer instinct that was perhaps yours on a free-kick in FIFA 16. The first observation is fast and without appeal: the trajectories of Ball have changed, and the effects of “coiled” are less pronounced. But to remedy this, a great novelty has appeared. Now, using the right joystick, the player can modify the run of his shooter – as with the new penalty system: the more straight the race, the more the stroke will be taut, and the more it will be perpendicular to the ball – “Beckham” -, the more the strike will be wound.

Once your landmarks caught in the run of momentum, place to strike. And this year, the watchword is “dosage”. As Psyko17 reveals, be careful not to exceed the two bars of power so as not to see your ball end up on the bar, or worse … in the stand. And to get the skylight, two tricks to take into account: the position of the left analog stick, which must be held up and the side where you want to send the leather, to create a diving effect. And to be sure to fit your shot … help your opponents! The one who is one of the FIFA star Youtubers tells you how to align the post with respect to the wall to be sure to fly each time. Now you will have no more excuses!

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